Betsafe Bookie Review 2024 - FAQ

BetsafeResponsible Gambling
Bonus offerBonus $200 + 100 Free Spins
High-quality game selection
Fast and reliable payouts
Generous bonuses and promotions
High-quality game selection
Fast and reliable payouts
Generous bonuses and promotions
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Is Betsafe reputable and trustworthy for sports betting?

Yes, Betsafe has a solid reputation as a trustworthy sports betting service thanks to its commitment to customer satisfaction, safety, and fair play. Established in 2006, Betsafe has earned 8.6 rating from its customers. So your anonymity and financial details will remain safe, thus allowing you to bet confidently.

How do I deposit with Betsafe?

To complete a deposit at Betsafe, sign in and decide which deposit method suits you best. Simply enter the amount you wish to deposit and proceed to get your cash credited to your account within just a few seconds.

How long does it take to receive my winnings from Betsafe?

The bet and withdrawal methods both play a role in this. Requesting a withdrawal from Betsafe may take several days, but some methods allow you to get your hands on your money instantly. You can find more details about their withdrawal processes on their website.

What software providers does Betsafe collaborate with?

For maximum joy and fun, Betsafe collaborates with several different software providers. In most cases, users choose such names as: . It is mainly because they provide superior games, often with new and interesting features and beautiful graphics.

Why am I unable to register for an account?

If you are unable to create an account, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your information has already been registered.
  • The wrong country was chosen.
  • VPN is being used.

If you do not recollect registering an account with Betsafe, are not using a VPN, and have chosen the right country, please contact the Customer Support Team. You can contact them via Live Chat, email, or a Call-Back Request.

How can I acquire a new password if I've forgotten mine?

To access the Forgot Password page, go to the home page, select 'Login,' and click the 'Forgot Password?' link.

Enter the email address in the Email area to register the account and click the 'Reset Password' button.

After that, you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Simply click the link and follow the instructions.

How do I modify my registered email address?

To update the e-mail address associated with your account, please send an email to from the new e-mail address you wish to use.

Please send the following message and details by email:

'I'd like to switch my email address from to'

  • Your whole name
  • Your birthdate
  • Residence Address

In addition to the information mentioned above, they will require a copy of a valid ID for security reasons. Once the request has been reviewed, one of their Customer Support representatives will contact you.

What if I fail to verify my account?

Betsafe attempts to provide a safe gaming environment for all of its players. Because this is a legal requirement, your betting account may be restricted, frozen, or suspended if you fail to present the needed papers. This could happen if the information you supply is discovered to be inaccurate or deceptive.

If you cannot obtain the needed papers, please contact their Customer Support Team. You can contact them via Live Chat, E-mail, or a Call-Back Request.

How are the odds presented on the website?

As a standard, Betsafe displays odds in 1 unit bets; odds are displayed in this unit stake. You can adjust your base stake to reflect relevant odds from the on-track tote by going to your account settings:

Preferred Stake Amount > Settings > Betslip

The United States, Singapore, India, Germany, Italy, and Turkey are among the countries affected. If you do not adjust your preferences, odds will be displayed following each track's 1 unit stake ratio.

When will my wager be settled?

Betsafe settles bets as quickly as possible. Most winning bets are settled within 15 minutes of the announced final outcomes.

Some bets, on the other hand, may take a bit longer. To guarantee that bets are settled appropriately, Betsafe always settles them by the official match report issued by the event's governing body.

If you have a pending bet, please contact their Customer Support Team. You can contact them via Live Chat, E-mail, or a Call-Back Request.

What can I do if my bet was settled inaccurately?

If you feel that your bet was settled incorrectly, Betsafe will investigate.

Betsafe needs the Coupon number associated with your wager to give you the best service possible. You can contact their customer service team via Live Chat, E-mail, or a Call-Back Request.

How do I make use of the Cashout feature?

Click 'Confirm Cashout' or 'Confirm' (a Cashout Request) to cash out a wager. Once a Cashout Request has been approved, it cannot be canceled.

Betsafe has the right to accept or deny a Cashout Request at its sole discretion. A Cashout Request may be denied for various reasons, including a change in odds or the suspension of a market (including any leg of a multi-wager).

Suppose a Cashout Request is refused for whatever reason. In that case, a notice will be displayed informing you that the Cashout Request was declined, and a new Cashout Price may be provided to you. Suppose you did not make a Cashout Request in response to the revised Cashout Price. In that case, the original wager will be settled using the original instructions and odds when the wager was accepted.

Where can I locate the terms and conditions for any bonus or promotion offer?

Each campaign and offer will contain information on the applicable rules and requirements. These will include how to activate the bonus, nation eligibility, deposit method criteria, and wagering requirements to access the bonus money.

Before attempting to activate a promotion or offer, it is recommended that you thoroughly read the Terms & Conditions.


You may be prompted to input your IBAN and SWIFT/BIC when making a withdrawal by bank transfer.

IBAN is an international standard for identifying an account used in the same way as local bank transfers but for international payments. SWIFT/BIC is an international transaction code used to identify a certain bank.

You can usually get both the SWIFT/BIC and the IBAN number on your online banking or by contacting your bank.