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Unique gamification experience with rewards system.
Wide range of games from top providers.
Fast withdrawals and 24/7 customer support.
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With Casumo, you can bet on a huge selection of sports because of the extensive catalog, which gets updated and improved regularly. Such sports as Baseball, Sports, Trotting, Handball, Bandy, and others are designed to make sports betting exciting and packed with adrenaline. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in sports betting, you'll discover odds and markets that suit your skill level and personal preferences. Compared to competitors, Casumo has one of the easiest interfaces to navigate. Plus, the site's user-friendliness makes locating the desired sporting events simple.

Most Popular Sports

Casumo's sportsbook offers a wide variety of sports markets and wagers to choose from inside each site section. Punters can find all of this on both mobile and desktop sportsbooks. Even though many bettors choose less popular sports, football is where Casumo's strengths show.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive this sportsbook's coverage is, there are well over 120 market possibilities for every Premier League match.

American sports fans will be especially impressed with the Casumo sportsbook's market availability. An extensive selection of sports is covered by this sportsbook, including the NCAA and Canada's top tier and every level in between.

Live Betting

The Casumo sportsbook is simple to use for live betting. It's a part of the sportsbook's user interface. "Live" will appear next to the odds of your favorite sport when you see the odds. Punters can access live betting for that sport by clicking on this option.

"Live" betting will also be prominently displayed at the top of the sports tabs. The first red option on the left-hand side is it.

The interface is designed to be accessible from both a desktop and a mobile device. In addition to the money line and spread, live betting offers up to 180 wagers or more.


Basketball is one of the most widely bet sports in the world. It combines exciting, fast-paced games with unpredictable outcomes, giving players a wide range of wagering options. While basketball is among the most straightforward sports to bet on, prospective basketball gamblers must have a foundation of knowledge before comfortably participating in Casumo basketball betting.

The NBA is the crowning glory of the basketball world. When basketball season comes around each fall, all punters' eyes are on the league and its players. On the other hand, Basketball bettors can also enjoy major regional events such as the EuroLeague, Turkish Basketball Super League, and Germany's Basketball Bundesliga, among others.


Tennis is tremendously popular among bettors worldwide, even if it isn't considered a mainstream sport in a few nations.

This popularity is because the tennis calendar is set up so that matches are played virtually every day. Since the ATP and WTA Tours go worldwide, the matches happen at all times, even during the workdays.

Another advantage of betting on tennis is that the sport's regulatory organizations have made a wealth of statistics and analytics available to the public. Tennis is regarded as one of the more forward-thinking sports in this sense.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey betting adds to the thrill of one of the most electrifying sports globally. Like most team sports, hockey betting allows spectators to choose which team they anticipate will come out on top. Furthermore, gamblers can wager on the overall number of goals scored and various alternative betting markets for each game.

Players from all over the world go to the NHL for a chance to win Lord Stanley's Cup and play on one of the most prestigious hockey platforms in North America, making this tournament a major draw for bettors.

However, hockey is not only a North American phenomenon, with several European leagues such as the SHL, KHL, and Liiga demonstrating their ability to be an arena where hockey players can flourish at any level and where punters can find action.


Golf has long been a popular wagering event, particularly in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. However, it is presently one of the most rapidly growing betting markets in North America. The PGA Tour is open to gambling and has formed relationships with bookmakers. As a result, odds are now included in telecasts, and more betting markets are available on betting sites.

Golf odds are available practically every week on major competitive circuits like the PGA Tour, making it a year-round activity. The main PGA tournaments and team events like the Ryder Cup are the most popular golf betting events.

American Football

"American football" is often used in Europe to denote the NFL. The NFL is referred to as American football because the term "football" is already used in Europe.

Betting on American football is one of the most popular sports globally. The Super Bowl is, in reality, the most heavily wagered sporting event of the year. Every year, billions of dollars are bet on the Super Bowl.

Aside from the Super Bowl, bettors can also try their luck in the heavily competitive arena of collegiate football. These events usually have die-hard fans and bettors willing to dish out large amounts to show their university pride.

What Else To Bet On

TV & Novelty

Betting on television shows has been increasingly popular in the United States in recent years. Bettors have been drawn to reality TV betting in particular. Reality television is a kind of television that somehow features contestants competing against one another. The majority of these shows have unknown players. However, there are some reality TV series with celebrities.

One of the most appealing aspects of reality TV betting is the variety of possibilities available.

To begin, you can place your "standard" bets. These are bets on who will win the show, who will move to the next round, and what ratings different participants will receive.

Beyond that, however, you'll encounter some one-of-a-kind proposition bets tailored to each program. For example, you might be able to wager on which Big Brother participant will win the immunity challenge.

There are numerous TV shows on which gamblers can place wagers, including Got Talent competitions.


Avid bettors began to see the potential in political betting after Donald Trump secured a completely unexpected victory to win the 2016 US presidential election.

There are several ways that you can place political bets. Futures are wagers that bettors can place on future events. For instance, a bettor could place a wager on who will be the next president or who will be a new US Supreme Court appointee. There are also prop bets, like if a candidate says a phrase during a speech.

Politics betting is one of the most unpredictable betting markets, which means there is potential to earn massive payouts based on better odds offered by the oddsmakers.

Bettors can place bets on British, American, European, Irish, and Australian Politics and Brexit news.

Casumo Adds Sports Betting to Its Portfolio

Casumo Adds Sports Betting to Its Portfolio

This is a great move now that there is a set of gamblers who are into both casino games and sports betting. For such players, switching between casinos and online bookmakers can be tricky. But now, everything is under one roof. Interestingly, the bookmaker covers all sports, plus the extras.