June 8, 2022

NBA Basketball Betting Trends and Tips

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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Basketball, NBA to be specific, attracts sports bettors and fans. There is a wealth of information and statistics covering NBA basketball these days for bettors. In light of this fact, NBA bettors spend hours scanning through tones of betting trends and tips, which often leaves their heads spinning.

NBA Basketball Betting Trends and Tips

Not every betting trend or tip is accurate; some are usually acts of pure coincidence. Smart bettors have a way of discerning which trends to follow and which ones to ignore. The key to staying profitable in online sports betting pursuit is mastering the art of interpreting lines. That said, this article covers some important NBA basketball betting trends and tips that could improve any bettor’s prospects of winning.

Pay Attention to Over/Under trends

Watching over/under trends offered by basketball betting sites is a great way to embark on online basketball betting. The best part about this trend is that there will always be enough statistics. 

How often does a team go over or under the points line? For instance, the Charlotte Hornets are a great team to bet over, having had 63% overs in the 2021-2022 season. Basketball bettors who can spot such trends early in the season find it a lot easier to make informed decisions on the subject.

Watch home and road performance stats

Anyone into online sports betting understands that playing at a home court often helps teams win games, even teams with a not-so-good run of games. Therefore, players should always be alive to home/road trends to improve their chances of winning. 

Studying this trend comes in handy when most bettors, or even sportsbooks, turn a blind eye to this trend. NBA stats are a testament to the fact it is hard for any team to win on the road, especially in the post-season.

Track a team's schedule

The premise of paying attention to a team’s schedule is that most NBA teams tend to underperform when they are fatigued. Unlike other sports betting online trends, this one has nothing to do with the numbers but only paying attention to the team’s travel schedule. 

Bettors should pay attention to times when the team will be nearing the end of a long trip or a series of games and are being ‘favored’ on the points spread. Players should always be on the lookout for “back-to-backs,” a term used when a team plays on consecutive nights.

Bet against the spread

The against the spread, commonly ATA, remains is a common betting strategy employed by NBA bettors. Betting with the spread means that bettors pick the favorite to win and cover the spread. However, betting against the trend indicates that a player takes the underdog to win or lose by a lower margin than the point spread. However, wagering against the spread in online basketball betting requires a good sample size.

NBA is synonymous with statistics. Bettors at basketball betting sites who take time to study these stats often stand a higher chance of winning over bettors who do not. Punters new to NBA tending should start with easy-to-digest stats or trends as they get acquainted with the dynamics of the game. The more a player spends time studying the game, the better they become.

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