November 1, 2023

Underwhelming Bench Performance: A Potential Drag on the Boston Celtics

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During the offseason, there was optimism surrounding the Boston Celtics' bench. However, as the season has begun, it has become clear that the bench is not performing well and could be a problem for the team in the future.

Underwhelming Bench Performance: A Potential Drag on the Boston Celtics

Lackluster Performances

The returning veteran bench players, such as Payton Pritchard and Al Horford, have not lived up to expectations. Pritchard, who struggled to find minutes last season, has been given more playing time but has not made much of an impact. In the first three games, he has only scored a total of 2.3 points and has had poor shooting percentages. Horford, who is adjusting to his new role as a sixth man, is also struggling, averaging a career-low 5.3 points on 36.8% shooting.

Disappointing Contributions

Other bench players, including Sam Hauser, Luke Kornet, and Oshae Brissett, have also failed to make significant contributions. Hauser and Kornet have combined for just 11 total points on poor shooting percentages. Brissett, who was expected to be a key signing, has only scored two points in two games.

Overall Bench Performance

The Celtics' bench as a whole has been underwhelming. They are currently the worst in the NBA in terms of scoring and shooting percentages among bench players. While there is hope that players like Horford and Pritchard will improve as they adjust to their new roles, the bench will need to step up and provide support for the team.

The Need for Improvement

Despite the Celtics' strong start to the season, the bench remains a potential drag on the team. The starting five is formidable, but they will need help from the bench in order to succeed. It is crucial for the Celtics to address the issues with their bench and find ways to improve their performance.

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